Munira AlKazi        
On 23rd November 2005

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Recent Exhibitions

Several Arab and foreign artists have held exhibitions here such as:

May       1979     The first Exhibition - Nabiala AlBassam Traditional Saudi Weavings & Wall Hangings & Saudi Dolls.

Nov       1979      Berber Weavings & Crafts of Morocco Exhibition

April      1980     Malin Basil Swedish Artist's solo exhibition of oil Paintings depicting Scenes of Arabia.

June      1980     Petra & Jean Cambitis - Black & White Photographs & Restored Arab Antiques.

Jan        1981     Exhibition of Authentic Costumes & Jewelry of Saudi Arabia

Feb        1981     Patch works Designed Quilts & Wall Hangings by Women in the Eastern Province.

June      1981     AbdulMohsen AlMana Saudi Artist's first solo exhibition of Paintings & Serigraphs.

April      1982     George Dombeck American Artist's solo exhibition of Watercolors of Construction Landscapes of
                          the Eastern Province.

June      1982     Exhibition of the Crafts of Saudi Arabia  

Feb        1983     Ziad Jundi Exhibition of Oil paintings by Syrian artist.

March   1983      Brigitte Marginaud  - French Artist's solo exhibition of Paintings depicting the landscapes of Riyadh.

April      1983      Abdulla Al Sheikh - Saudi Artist one man show of Oil Paintings

May       1983      Gini Alter - Oil Paintings by American Artist resident in Aramco.

Feb        1984      Exhibition of Handcrafs of Saudi Arabia.

March   1984      Juhayna Husseini Exhibition of Saudi Arab Doors & Windows with Floral Arrangements.

April      1984      Joumana El Husseini Oil Paintings of  the internationally acclaimed Palestiniian artist.

Oct        1984      Contemporary Arab Graphic Art .  Limited Edition Prints by  Arab Artists ;
Munira AlKazi, Rafa Nasiri, Bananteur, Rashid Koraishi, Suad Attar, Rima Farah,
                            Mehdi Qotbi, Dia Azzawi, Feisal Samra, Abdulmohsen Al Mana, Issam AElSaid, A Mawsawi.

Nov        1984      The Art of Arab Calligraphy 15C-20C manuscripts from the private collection of Calligrapher
                            Mohsen Ftouni.

Feb        1985      Abdulla Sheikh Saudi Artist's solo  Exhibition of recent  oil Paintings &  Ink Drawings.

Oct        1985      Group Exhibition of Contemporary Arab Graphic Art Participating artists
                            Safeya  BinZagr, Munira Alkazi, Nabila Al Bassam, Benanteur, Rafa Al Nasiri, Dia Azzawi,
                            Rima Farah, Massoudy, Mehdi Kutbi, Farid Belkahia, Issam El Said.

March   1987      Kamal Boullata   An American-Palestinian  artist exhibition of Limited Silkscreen prints

Nov        1987      Exhibition of Bedouin Jewelry & Embroidery

May       1990      The Art of Wasma'a Chorbachi - Islamic Ceramics & Silk Batik  Paintings.

Feb        1993      "Desert Jewels in a Modern Age" by Mona Hejailan & Niva Amoury  
                           Contemporary Bedouin Jewelry Exhibition Designs by Saudi & Egyptian women designers.

Dec        1994      Mouna Bassili Sehnaoui Lebanese artist - Oil paintings & Limited edition silk screen prints

Feb        2000      Abdulla Marzook . Collection of Paintings titled "Desert Rainbow"

??          200??    Exhibition of Four Saudi Artists, Two from the East & Western Provinces of Saudi Arabia
                           Group exhibition with Abdulla SheikhAbdulrahman Sulaiman, Abdulla HammasTaha Sabban

??          1983     Spencer Tart -  British Artist  Solo  Exhibition of Original Watercolors.

Nov        2004      Grand Opening of New Arab Heritage Building  with Group Exhibition of Arab Artists from
                           KSA, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Morocco, Palestine, Algeria etc..

April      2005      Abdulla Hammas   Saudi Artist's  solo exhibition Show of Paintings

May       2005      Hussein Mahasan Saudi Artist's solo exhibition of Recent paintings

Nov        2005      Munira Alkazi -  First Exhibition of Computer Paintings by prominent Kuwaiti artist.

Hussein Al-Mohasen
On 22nd May 2005
Abdullah Hammas
On 18th  April 2005

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