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    The Arab Heritage Gallery is a showcase for many Arab and foreign artists who depict the Arabian environment in their paintings and prints. It is the first art gallery established in AlKhobar, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, by the artist and craft designer Nabila AlBassam.
In 1979 the gallery started small, exhibiting artists and craftsmens works, in solo and group exhibitions. The first exhibit displayed Bedouin weavings and hangings. Then in 1992 a larger gallery and studio was built in the same location followed by a new two-story building. The new building is now a fully equipped wide space for artists to exhibit all their work, from paintings to crafts. As for the other building, it is now a gift shop where one could find some selected crafts from Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, ceramics, prints, framing, home accessories, and fashion. Also, in this building there is a large studio space where all the paintings and framings are done. In addition to that, there is a studio space designated for tailoring the fashion line designed by Nabila AlBassam.
The Gallery has a new website at that will highlight forthcoming exhibitions and other works of artists on sale. The Crafts of Arabia and the Middle East, as well as some other gift items, will also be displayed and available to order.

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